Bio Wellness Scans $249 (Available for contactless process)

Using state of the art technology to scan your body your will get guidance from an experienced consultant and written brief on guidelines for food choices.
Bioscans are organized into what are called biosurveys. You’ve probably filled out a survey before: a series of questions that you provide answers to. A biosurvey is essentially the same thing, only you don’t answer the “questions” consciously—your body answers them directly.
With biocommunication, the “question” is the Virtual Item, The answer, a change in the electrical properties of your skin, is recorded and analyzed by the ZYTO software.
A biosurvey can be as varied and versatile as any other survey. Some biosurveys are general in nature and include Virtual Items concerned with overall wellness, while others include Virtual Items relating to specific areas of the body or body systems. There are also biosurveys that deal with environmental factors.
Bio Wellness Scan 60 min Consult
15+ Page Report

Food and Healing Protocol plan

Each body has nutritional needs that are different. We are bio-individual as well as biodynamic human beings. As our nutritional needs are quite unique, they also change over time as we age.  The function of the body changes over time. This is the natural progression of life. To get the most of your body, you must take the time to find out what you need nutritionally in the form of food and supplements. A recent study reveals that food grown 50 years ago was 10 times more nutrient-dense than the food we consume today. What does that mean to you? It means you could be eating what you were taught was a healthy and not be absorbing all the nutrition that you actually need to thrive. Taking the time to create a plan and a protocol to address your body’s needs can result in up-leveling your health and wellbeing.  We can provide you a 30-day food plan and nutrition plan that can provide you what you need. 

Retreat offerings

Heal Your Life Transformational Retreats All-Inclusive, Immersive Yoga Wellness Retreats To Get Your Health & Get Your Life!

All retreats include:

  •  Organic Vegan Healing Meals
  •  Comprehensive
  •  Raw Food prep instruction Lodging
  •  Transport (after arrival)
  •  Tours & Exploration Educational Events
  •  Expert Lectures & Consults Spiritual & Emotional Clearing Rituals (optional)
  •  Rest & Relaxation
  •  Cellular Cleansing
  •  Meditation

Kemetic Yoga Practices

You will benefit:

  • Experience full-body cleansing
  • Catalyze healing internally
  • Experience daily mental peace 
  • Learn how to successfully transition to a plant-based lifestyle
  • Tours & experiences to expand 
  • understanding of wellness Loose weight and waste
  • Gain expertise from lectures & consults 
  • Experience spiritual & emotional balance 
  • Restore health through rest & relaxation 
  • Create a customized evidence-based health protocol