How Older White Ladies in the Congregation Got Me to Weave

I am a newly, renewed member at the First Existentialist Congregation on Candler Park Drive. My spiritual community there is 90.9% not Black and is 85% over 50 years old. Scanning the room, you will see mostly white hair. I love my community and am so glad to be back in the fold. One lovely day, I was invited to book group and at least 7 older white woman feminists and 1 younger one, engaged me in one of the best conversations about hair oppression I have ever experienced.

The discussion is based on the comedic rantings of a young genius, Ms. Phoebe Robinson. Her best seller, “You Can’t Touch My Hair” is hairlarious! The book shifted me. In the past, I shunned had any hair enhancements as a rejection of myself and had taken a hard stance on several occasions on my path to naturalness. This book and discussion with my progressive White sisters woke me up to hair freedom and finding self-expression in trying out some extended two-strand twists! It’s not technically a weave, yet I have hair weaved into my own. It is my new protective style and a big step in trying new things I see in mainstream culture. Phoebe shared a funny story about her friend’s dog eating her weave and I realized I have been taking myself way too seriously!

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