Carla DeRosa is a Wellness RAWx Star...

Carla is a Certified Food Medicine Educator and and Raw Foods Instructor based in Atlanta. Carla has unmatched skills in providing comprehensive training in alternative healing modalities to facilitate natural healing and wellness.

Carla began her career in food medicine in her 40’s in response to her own health crisis in 2010. She received training from the award winning Living Foods Institute, founded by Brenda Cobb who reversed her own breast and cervical cancer. After training many families and individuals in raw food preparation, she returned to the Living Foods Institute and was the Kitchen Director for many years.

Carla now hosts full immersion healing retreats teaching cleansing and building strategy through raw foods, herbs, meditation and yoga

As a student of the work of Dr. Ann Wigmore, Carla has helped hundreds of individuals detoxify and simultaneously fortify the body with micronutrients. Using wild greens, living sprouts, wheat grass juice, raw food, and cleansing water used to remove solid waste in the colon, many find renewed vitality immediately and continue that path to reclaim their health. In her late thirties, Carla used meditation to manage and transform her feelings of intense frustration and overwhelm as a mother of two young children. Carla turned to yoga to heal her physical injuries sustained through exercising to lose weight. Carla became certified in an Egyptian style of yoga (Kemetic) that infuses spiritual and mental growth through its practice.

These practices of daily meditation and  yoga compliment the mental and emotional healing for clients and students who choose to attend her healing and life transforming retreats. Carla has combined her love for engaging and teaching with her passion for supporting people to heal themselves. “We each have only one physical vehicle in which has to deliver a lifetime of experience. We must fortify our bodies, in order to do what we have come here to do.” – Carla DeRosa. Now her raw food and plant medicine events, retreats, books and products introduce the use of food, herbs, oils, supplements and fitness to health seekers and their families from all over the world. Carla leads virtual and in-person communities of health and whole food enthusiasts.

Carla is committed to helping people expand their awareness of nutrition and health by sharing the benefits of raw and healing foods. Connect with Carla through her website or email her at




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