Wellness RAWx Star KeyNote Speaker

Carla DeRosa here!

A few short years ago I stabilized my blood pressure and blood sugar while losing 60 pounds. I did it with whole, organic unprocessed foods. I changed my life and got inspired to share my experience. In less than 2 weeks, I halted life long illnesses that lasted for over 40 years! I experienced, FOOD IS MEDICINE.

I want to share that with you!

Deliciously Simple Recipes Learn Today! Eat Today!

Who doesn't love good tasting food. The key to permanent lifestyle food changes is ease and taste. When it's easy any tasty, we do it again and again and create NEW HABITS! Recipes build cultures.  We are building a new community here with principals embedded in joy, community and expression.


Using Herbs, Oils, Spices To Cleanse and Build

Everything thing we need to nourish our spiritual "machine" is here.  Every plant is a storehouse of power and a pharmacy for healing.  Plants lead the body to restore its natural alignment. We have an infinite number of species to explore.

Let's go!

What Audiences and Students Around the World Are Saying...

"Outstanding, very informative. You can feel the love and knowledge in the presentation."

D.P.  Atlanta, GA

"Your teaching is just unforgettable."

R.A. Nigeria

"Carla makes healthy eating and food preparation interesting and fun!"

S.W. Seattle, WA

"This 5 - star speaker wakes up your spirit with her gift for simplicity and her love of teaching."

P.L. Lend Lease, U.K.




Eat, Party, Learn!

We are happy to create a RAWx Star party for you!

Whether you are seeking a fabulous food demo or a knowledgable key note speaker, we got you!